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Lizmmo Final Fantasy 15 News: Developers Reveal What PC Gamers Will Need To Get the Most Out of Windows Edition

The Windows Edition of Final Fantasy 15 set to be released early next year

The Windows Edition of Final Fantasy 15 is coming soon and PC players who want to get the most out of it are going to need a few things.

The minimum and recommended specs for the PC version of the role-playing game (RPG) recently went up on the Microsoft Store page.

For PC players only looking to satisfy the minimum requirements, they are in luck, as the specs listed are pretty reasonable.

The listed minimum requirements include 8 GB of memory, the Intel Core i5 2400 or something equivalent to that, and the GeForce GTX760 video card.

PC players will also need to have the Windows 10 operating system installed as well as version 11 of DirectX.

Now, if PC players want to see the world contained inside Final Fantasy 15 in all its glory, then they may have to upgrade their current units.

While the Windows 10 operating system and version 11 of DirectX remain as requirements, the other recommended specs are not quite as easily attainable.

PC players will need to free up 16 GB of memory this time around and the processor they should have has to be the Intel Core i7 3770 or something similar to that.

The graphics card needed to complete the recommended specs is the GeForce GTX 1060.

Acquiring those recommended specs will likely enable players to see the game at its most spectacular.

Notably, the Windows Edition actually supports 8K resolution and HDR10, so there is something to be gained for those players who can meet the recommended requirements.

Also, the PC version of the RPG will come with the additions introduced previously via free updates, the contents of the Season Pass and a new first-person mode.

An exact release date for the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy 15 remains unavailable, although the game is due out sometime early next year.

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